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Adventure Riding – Planning and navigating

You can see above that I can set a few points on the map and…

Araluen – 2022 – Motorcycle Camping

Date of the Trip: 12-13 of March 2022. Destination: Araluen Accommodation: Camping (Free) Event: Araluen…
Motorcycling boots on the budget

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Motorcycling boots on the budget

On my last ride, I had found that my boot was squeaking when I walked. It became annoying, so I took it off to have a look to see that…

2022 – Shopping list

2022/05/12 - I have purchased few of the items since and used them. I have been extremely happy with all my purchases.It has been about three years since I last…

Coffs Harbour – 2022 – Motorcycle Camping

Date of the Trip: 21-24 of January 2022. Destination: Coffs Harbour Accommodation: Camping (paid) Event: Coffs Harbour 2022   The purpose of this trip was to dust off our motorcycles…

Perth Trip – Day 21 – 2019/12/22

First day in a while with no reception, no people, no power, washing machine, noise. It felt numbing at first and then you get used to it. It is just…

Perth Trip – Day 20 – 2019/12/21

I wanted to take it easy today. I asked for a late checkout, I bummed around. Finally caught up with some emails, phone calls, family and friends.Decided on my final…

Perth Trip – Day 19 – 2019/12/20

Forecast for today - really windy and sand storms. At least it is a little bit different than last couple of days of frying pan heat. The usual packing up,…
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