This long weekend I have decided to skip town and head off to Kosciuszko National Park with good colleague of mine – Jared. I have been told many times how beautiful it is and I never had time to really go and check it out for myself.

The trip was going to be 3 days (2 of which are riding) – 1 of enjoying Yarrangobilly Caves.

I would recommend taking the 7h 13m road as it would be much more enjoyable than motorway – however it was nearly 40 deg on the day we departed so the goal was to get to our destination as quickly as possible.

I have never seen before is the swarm of locust – the road ahead was yellow and we didn’t quite know why until we got close and all of a sudden it felt like you were being rained on with yellow bug goo. They got absolutely everywhere and covered bike, gear and us in yellow slime.

Once we got to our destination – ants did a fantastic job of getting bikes and gear cleaned. Just don’t do what I did and put your gear in the tent! Leave it on the bike and ants will take care of the rest.

Finding a flat camping ground was a bit of a challenge and we ended up crossing a stream (not something that I will do again as the water was way too deep and bike ended up stalling). Probably one of the scariest things I have done on the bike – fully loaded up with gear.

We managed to find a flat area where a dwelling used to be and it must have gotten burned down. At least the ground was flat and grassy for us to pitch our rents.

Just down the road from where we camped was Yarrangobilly Caves – we went early in the morning to see if we can secure a tour of their caves. It was an amazing experience – especially when it was so hot outside and absolutely freezing in the caves themselves.

On the way back we have decided to go the scenic route – through Wee Jasper. It was stunning but I would not recommend it to a fresh rider – it was very loose and very uneven gravel. To top it up it started to rain half way through!

We made it at the end but there were few close calls!