I was pretty lucky, I booked a bunk room for two – however, the person that booked was a no show and I ended up having whole room to myself. After a decent night sleep it was time to head off again.I didn’t exactly have much of a plan yet on what I should do and visit in Tasmania – I just knew I wanted to do it clockwise. First destination – City of Launceston. I didn’t want to use the main road so I took a detour – some good views onto the Tamar River and greater area. It was very smoky through – I couldn’t believe it considering that all I have been hearing is Sydney bush fires and smoky pollution in the city – no one really talks about fires elsewhere. Finally, lady at the information center recommended I see the Cataract Gorge Reserve and perhaps camp north east. That’s exactly what I did.

Cataract George was a pretty neat drive – then I grabbed the chair lift to the other side – walked back across the line bridge. It looked like a great hang out place for the day.I relaxed for a bit then made my way through to the camp area. I think this camp ground (Myrtle Park Camping Ground) was the best camp ground I have ever stayed at – $7.50 and I got a spot right by the stream away from anyone. I promptly followed my usual routine – unpacked and got a meal sorted.I really wanted to at least once cast my fishing rod in Tasmanian stream. I had no bite so had to improvise with some beef jerky. For quite a while there was nothing – then I saw a lot of disturbance in the water with what it seemed like was 2-3 snakes coming my way. Well I sat and waited as they made their way to me. It turned out to be couple of eels. Don’t know if maybe people feed them so they get friendly with humans – they just sat there and starred at me within my reach, I could pick them up if I really wanted to.You know when you are crazy when you start talking to animals – I politely explained to them that I’m kind of fishing for well… them. I think they understood. I did as a test threw in some beef jerky and they went nuts at it. So maybe as a bait I can use that as it doesn’t go off – unlike 3 days old squid… ew.Anyway, sleep time.https://youtu.be/ZzoGdSatHxU