This post is going to be boring. You have been warned.

Today I had fair bit of work I wanted to get through as the place I was staying was perfect for it. Coffee, tea, access to shops etc.

I was meant to go to Port Arthur after lunch – however, by the time I finish work and conference calls it was too late. I was advised that it is really a whole day event and going there in the afternoon for an hour or so is actually a waste of time.

Instead I went to see Hobart – I was staying in the Battery Point, right next to Salamanca Square. So it was easy to just go for a walk to explore.

It actually worked out great as the weather in the morning was miserable with low clouds and showers. Afternoon it cleared up with some sunshine.

Note: If you want to be a hater because I didn’t go to some cool places like Mona. Well, I left it for later because it is very easy for me to fly back to Hobart from Sydney and I know I will be back in few months.